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Garage Door Styles: Enhancing Your Home’s Exterior with Elegance and Functionality

A garage door is an important part of any home’s exterior, and there are many collections and styles to choose from to complement the architecture and design of the home. Here are some of the most popular garage door collections:

Traditional: The traditional garage door collection features classic designs with raised or recessed panels, often made of steel or wood. These doors are versatile and can be customized with different colors, windows, and hardware.

Carriage House: Carriage house garage doors have a vintage look inspired by the doors on old-fashioned carriage houses. These doors are often made of wood or steel and feature decorative hardware and windows.

Modern: The modern garage door collection features sleek, minimalist designs with clean lines and a variety of materials such as aluminum, glass, and steel. These doors often have large windows to let in natural light and add a contemporary touch to any home.

Specialty: Specialty garage doors are designed for unique or specific applications, such as commercial buildings or contemporary homes. These doors can be customized with unique materials, finishes, and designs to fit any need.

Full-View: Full-view garage doors are designed to maximize natural light and visibility with large glass panels. These doors are often made of aluminum or steel and can be customized with different glass options and finishes.

Wood Look: Wood look garage doors are designed to mimic the look and texture of real wood without the maintenance requirements. These doors are often made of steel or composite materials and can be customized with different wood grain patterns and finishes.

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