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Garage doors are constructed with different materials and levels of quality, which can affect their durability, performance, and appearance. The three most common construction levels for garage doors are:

Non-Insulated: Non-insulated garage doors are made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or steel and have no insulation. They are the most affordable option and are often used in warmer climates where insulation is not necessary. However, non-insulated doors do not provide much protection against temperature fluctuations and can be noisy.

Polystyrene Insulated: Polystyrene insulated garage doors are made with a layer of insulation sandwiched between two layers of steel or aluminum. They offer better insulation and noise reduction than non-insulated doors and are a popular choice for residential garages. Polystyrene insulated doors are also more durable than non-insulated doors.

Polyurethane Insulated: Polyurethane insulated garage doors are the highest quality and most expensive option. They are constructed with a layer of insulation that fills the entire garage door panel, making them highly energy-efficient and noise-resistant. Polyurethane insulated doors are also the most durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

When choosing a construction level for your garage door, consider your climate, budget, and performance needs. If you live in a warm climate and are on a tight budget, a non-insulated door may be the best option. If you want better insulation and noise reduction, a polystyrene insulated door may be a good choice. And if you want the highest level of insulation, durability, and performance, a polyurethane insulated door is the way to go.

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